TokonV is a tokenized fund that provides capital to innovative projects on Tokonomics, with the aim to deliver long term positive social impacts.



Our investment focus is in the areas of Food, Health, & Education.

Community Investments

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Community Investments will be Launching in 2020.

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Investment Plans will be Launching in 2020.

TokonV wallets

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TokonV Wallets will be Launching in 2020.

Our Fund Portfolio

Our Portfolio is focused in the areas of Food, Health, & Education.


The Eatosystem is a global Community of Organic Producers, Chefs, Restaurants, Distributors, Foodies, Schools, & Companies, that Connect, Collaborate, and Evolve our Food System.


Eato is the Organic Community Eatery, that will showcase the Organic Producers Seasonal Produce of Communicrop, offering daily Organic Breakfasts, Lunches & ………


Communicrop is a community whose mission is to Grow, Sustain, & Evolve Organic Farms, Artisan Producers and new innovative approaches to Healthy Food Production …….


Elivery is the Electric Delivery Network that delivers the Organic Produce of Communicrop to Eato, and all other Community Partners …….


Recuipe is the platform for all of Eato’s Recipes, with the mission to get more people cooking healthy nutritious meals. Our Recipes will be powered by (CUI) Conversational User …..


Tokonomics creates new Value Systems for Communities through Token Economic Business Models, with the mission to create positive Social Impacts.

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With major technological, social and economic processes of change underway we are fast moving away from the well-established model of the Industrial Age and into a new form of digital networked economy where the traditional well defined parameters of economics are being once again revisited as we search for a new model better suited to this new reality. 



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    Future Portfolio Projects


    Lifabetes is a platform developing solutions to prevent, reverse or manage diabetes, through collaboration with diabetics ….


    Pregmonth is your pregnancy month by month, with pregnancy programs, monthly pregnancy info, supports, tools, groups, and access …..


    Developmonth is a child development program, with monthly age specific info, supports, tools, groups, and access to leading …..

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