Building the World’s most Sustainable Food System

Planting Seeds,

Harvesting the Future

The Eatoverse is a game-based learning platform, promoting creativity, collaboration and problem solving to build a sustainable food system in Minecraft Education Edition.

It will form the virtual building blocks for its real life version, Eatosystem, a sustainably focused community of farmers, chefs, schools, government and businesses creating a secure and healthy local food system for all.

Solving a Global Problem with Eatoverse


WHEN IT COMES To creating sustainable food systems, Educators NEED A WAY to engage the next generation through immersive game-based learning technologies.

Impact of Food Choices

SO THAT students understand the impact of their food choices and are inspired to build a future food system for People, Community, & Planet.


Game, Lessons, & Real World


A Virtual Education that comes to Life

The Game Play educates the child throughout by planting seeds in their mind to create a sustainable food system, and to gain a greater understanding of where their food comes from.


Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Future

The Lessons are geared towards the Food System, Organic & Regenerative Principles, Practices, & Procurement, Renewable Energy, Distribution, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Collaboration, Capital, and Social Impact, highlighting the SDGs with each lesson.

Lesson 1 – 10

Organic Food System


Organic Farming


Regenerative Farming


Produce & Procurement


Distribution & Energy


Environment & Biodiversity


Health & Nutrition


Knowledge & Content


Capital & Investment


Social Impact


Real World

Building Blocks of Organic Communities

The building of the Eatoverse provides the framework to design, test, and practice the development of a true Organic & Regenerative Food System. This will enable the detailed planning prior to the Investment of the large scale pilot project of the Eatosystem & Eato Ireland.