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Our Utilities

V3 Utility is the value or offering that’s attached to our NFTs. Our Utilities are Real-world items, Digital content, Virtual & In-Person Events, Whitelist Access, Competitions, and any other perks the we want to supply to our community.


Real-World Items

Real-world items are things that can be touched, felt, or seen. They are physical objects that exist in the real world.

Examples of real-world items include Physical Art, Merchandise, & Kitchen Equipment etc. 


Digital Content

Any content that exists in digital form. This includes text, images, videos, and any other type of content that can be accessed through a computer or other digital device.


Virtual & In-Person Events

Eato X will be hosting both virtual and in-person events in the near future. We will be hosting a small number of in-person events and gatherings in the coming weeks and we will be providing virtual events and classes via our website and social media.


Whitelist Access

A whitelist is a restricted access policy for a resource that limits access to only authorized users and their computers. A whitelist allows access to specific, authorized users and their computers, while denying all other users. A whitelist is used to protect sensitive or confidential data from unauthorized access.

Access to Equity Investments.



Competitions – Weekly competions to create knowledge and lessons for the projects.